Monday, March 31, 2008

Mad Arabs are back!

Some times I didn't update this blog... Was looking at recent developments.

Funny how some nations outpass the others on the way of the Chaos...

First, there was this mad Arab, Al Hazred. He was contemporary of his people's Prophet, still revered today.
Maybe there are links between the two of them. Looking at their success at spreading Chaos.

Al Hazred did a huge job for Us. All that fainting to fight Us!
His writings were popularized until today mainly by novel writers and role/video games!
And now web sites

Then, the Arab Prophet followers founded the Al Azhar University.
These Egyptians were probably influenced by Nyarlathotep Spirit.

From this school came the Hashshashin/Assassin Sect, the Muslim Brotherhood and their spin off Al Qaeda
The Crawling Chaos Avatars have worked well!

And they spread to other countries and nations: crusades, inquisition and religious wars in Europe have been influenced by their oriental counterparts.

These organizations, and many others wrecked havoc the world for centuries.
Not a long time for Us, Great Old Ones, but it is rare to see this much Chaos in a so-called civilization...

These days, it is about to spark a new global conflict.
With the weapons the humans have nowadays, mainly thanks to Our Messenger's inspiring Spirit, it will doubtless bring their civilization's destruction, and Our Return!
And as several centuries ago, violence, madness and destruction has reached other countries as well.
Aggression responds to aggression.
Terror to terror.

And many of them only know Us through litterature or games!
They will eat their guts, or what remains of them!

Hmmm... Need to look at this "Tibet" thing, now. Seems the Tcho-Tchos are still active, too.
This eaon seems full of promises, decidedly.