Friday, September 14, 2012

Religion is the opium of the people

You, so-called masters of this world, but feeble humans nonetheless. You failed.

This silly movie insulting the Prophet fired a storm against you, in the very countries you helped.
And you wonder.
You'll never understand.
Those feeble humans toppling their dictators, what do they stand for ?
Democracy ? Freedom ? Ideology ? Or even mere money they don't have and will never ?
You helped them, foolishly believing they would become your slaves, or at least your allies.

No, they're just high on something you cannot encompass.
The ol'Wizard, Karl Marx was right. Only their shoot of opium will calm them! And nothing will prevent them to get it, this time. Up to the overdose.

You'll be glad When the Stars Are Right, in a way.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bashar is Still in Charge

The Arab Spring quickly rampaged some dictatorships. But the Butcher of Damascus still stands firm. Massacring and torturing at will. Some bad guys had their asses kicked by the UN for far less than that.
Syria has no petroleum, no gas, no uranium, no pipelines. Only geopolitical reasons could explain this. Or not.

Mainstream and conspirationist explanations are manyfold:

- Syria is an ally of Russia, and China. These countries are blocking UN actions against it.
- Syria is a secret ally of the West and Israel, to fight Iran.
- The West and Israel are objective allies of Arab (and other) dictatorships. Prefering stability and keeping the extremists at bay.
- The great powers love wars, to sell weapons and justify defense expenses.
- Al Assad is a reptilian king, as all the world leaders, dictators or not (I love this one!).

All this is bullshit.

WE, The Great Ol'Ones are supporting this butcher and puppeting the so called great powers to foster his regime.

Don't you see the pattern, here ?

- Mad Arabs, once more. It seems my Dear Nyarly is still fond of them.
- AL Hazred's Legacy. More to come on this, one of these Aeons.
- Fear, utter sufferance of the victims. Frightened and maddened souls are so tasty for Us.
- Oh yes, We have some secrets burried under the City of Jasmine We don't want you, feeble humans to find. At least not as long as the Stars are still not Right. Be patient, for once.

Feeble humans, you begun to play Chess for so short a time. You cannot even suspect the moves you are embroiled in.

Now for the Next Move...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dark Times a'comin'

Elections on the so called "old continent".
Reminders of darker times.
Will they stand? Will they flee? Will they burn?
Stars almost Right, now!

For Whom the Bell Tolls?
Endless Grey going Dark.
Time Marches On.
Blackened, the Silence so loud!

Friday, February 17, 2012

What? Oh, a New Year?

Time's running too quick with you, feeble humans. I forgot My new year congratz, so here they are. Or not.
Hopefully, those young Maya were right and your new year will be the last. We, The Great Ol'Ones, don't really care. We have plenty of other toys in this Universe and others!

So, I owe you some explainations for My silence on this thingy, this blog, well...

Many things happened.

You know at thend of your December month, We, the Great Ol'Ones have a small fest, Yuletide. For once, We decided it would not be boredcasted, your TV streams are already full of shit to empty your smallish brains, you mindless mongrels.

So we had a private party, full of bloody living corpses, whores and chips.
I made a record there: got fucked by an astounding number of Cosmic Horrors, They even found some I didn't know yet. Thanks Boyz!
I fucked also a bunch of so called "male" entities. Remember, feeble humans, sex and gender are not an immutable parameter for Us, We don't have your moral and mental walls and prejudices.
I sprouted at least two full load of Young as a consequence. Be sure to bring your whole families when walking in the woods, during this spring; My Young will have to be fed!

As usual, January and this February were peaceful. Clean up, Young fostering, and reading.
While reading, I discovered a young fellow, of only a bit more than two hundred of your years: Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois, Marquis de Sade.

Yes, he was one of those feeble among the feeble frenchies. But he almost made Me revise My views about your filthy race, feeble human maggots.

This guy knew the point. Pornography is not the goal, it's only a way (mostly backdoor in his case).
He didn't respect any law, any limit, so he spent more than half of his life in jail. Not for his sexual perversion, it was the norm of his class in his time, but for his ideas, his philosophy.

A guy writing about a monk putting an hostie on the top of his cock before fucking a teen girl in the ass; this was deemed a blasphemous crime deserving to be locked in the Bastille for the rest of his life, in those pre-revolutionary days, when the Catholic Church made the laws and had the state at her service.
But what stun Me, and surely upset the child fucker priests, was not this kind of action scenes.
Between the orgies (much) detailed descriptions, the good marquis set his characters to rest, and made them describe his philosophy views in great details, just like most of this time Enlightened Philosophers, those insipid Voltaire, Rousseau...

And THIS is really powerful!
Crime of any sort is common among you, feeble humans; remember you were created by some of Our spawns for Our pleasure!
But the good ol'marquis made a point describing, justifying, philosophically reasoning about these.

THAT was the reason which led him to spend most of his life in prisons or sanitariums, whereas the law was the King's, the Republic's or the Emperor's.

His views about private property, theft, society and moral were a draft for the following 19th century's utopist, anarchist, socialist and communist philosophers and ideologs.
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Louis Auguste Blanqui, and al. just followed the track.
All were French or French influenced Germans, see the pattern ?
And wonderful slaughters came from these guys brains!

The legend also tells that some days before July 14th, 1789, when he was imprisoned in the Bastille, good ol'Donatien de Sade cried to the people through his jail window: "Prisoners are killed, here!".
Some days after, the populace stormed the Bastille, and your smallish History recorded what followed.

During the Revolution, the excellent marquis was elected a Representant, he was emprisoned once more by Robespierre's Terror Regime because of his nobelty, freed when Napoleon came to power, then imprisoned again after the Emperor restored the former power of the Catholic Church.

Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois, Marquis de Sade died on December 2nd, 1814. He didn't live up to the ultimate fall of his latest nemesis, before the one hundred bleak days.

But, according to the legend, he died just after having ass fucked his fifteen years old female servant one last time (if it had been a male, or a turkey, or a dog, it wouldn't have made any difference for him, provided he could eat his sperm mingled with shit afterward).
What a fucking wonder of a life, for a feeble human!

Oops! Writing about this made Me horny... Be right back after some Aeons of orgies!