Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back From Holidays

Or was it holidays ?

Visited this desert country making the news for some months. Libya.
Had to mourn one of My dear Nyarly avatars, who acted this killed rebel general Younes.

Don't understand these rebels, do they think to escape toil, death and tears by dispatching only one Nyarly avatar ?

By the way, their puppet colonel was one of the most clownish invention of My favorite Lover!
But He's rather childish you know, letting down His toys immediately after He got them.

What ? This one lasted more than 40 years ? You know, feeble humans, We don't have the same timescale, We Great Ol'Ones. You'll never understand that, you silly puppets overthrowers!
You'll never get rid of what animates your throllish leaders you so love to hate, be it Us or even some of you!

Try to catch a soul after its corpse died, only to be far late after Whippoorwills!

So I went to this bare country, empty of forests, and fool of silly and scummy bad asses.

What a laugh! Never before did I see so a bunch of incapable. Those rebels did more harm to their fellows than to their ennemy. No wonder the real job in Tripoli was done by foreign Sardaukars, err... Special Forces, and some Deep Ones on the coast!

Only the westerners won't get much petroleum there... And this will bring more havock!

Bright perspective for Us, Great Ol'Ones, despite being bad soldiers, this people is much skilled in human sacrifices!

Now, I've got some gardening in My beloved forests. My latest stock of Youths did a mess in My absence. Need to clean this up for next Samhain. This year"s will be bloody and full of Grace!