Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is the colour of this forthcoming aeon
Humans always feared it. I just don't know why
Last week a singer died. He wanted to be white
Black is the future, it is already the present

Why did he die wanting to be white ? He was not
Skin is only an envelope. Soul is real meat
The new King of West is almost Black in his meat
Next will be Black in His Soul, future will be not

Bubbles and Bubbles

Now some economics and politics.
Where are the real winners of the current financial crisis ?
Hint: just look at the resumé of almost all the people in public office, here and on all the continent.
What do they all have in common ? Were at some time or another an executive of some of the most powerful business banks, mainly Goldman Sachs.

This firm, more than its counterparts, is in the bubble business for more than a century: Great Depression, Internet zero billion dollar market, subprimes, oil peak last year, and now the bail out plans.
Not a bad distance for mortals. Well, it's fairly easy when you're able to place so many of your pawns in decisive positions. The court of the new King of the West is already crippled...

Now the scoop: the next bubble will be on carbon business. They've even managed to replace tax collecting by a private speculation market. And all that in the name of the crumbling environment!

These guys are really good. Or bad, depending on which side you are (if you're a mortal, you lost).
Even when you know the founders of the firm started after visiting some isolated areas in the hills of Vermont. Don't wonder whence their skills in ore speculation came...
They beated their old continent mentors, ye Lloigors.

All these bubbles are just a reminder of Yog-Sothoth shape, before He comes back, too!
That won't be virtual mathematic constructions, this time!