Monday, February 16, 2015

The Manuscript of Damascus

My feeble human scribe committed this: The Manuscript of Damascus
On Inkitt's horror writing contest: 

I may skin what remains of this poor fellow's bones for this!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pleasant Reading: Lusty Tales of Myself

Coming back to this blog after some Aeons, here is a review about the Martian Migraine Press anthology, Conqueror Womb: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath.

Obviously, those feeble humans writers never had a sexual intercourse with Me or one of My Young, not even with a Shoggoth...
To be fair, if they had, they won't be still alive and able to write or speak about the experience.

So here are eighteen stories (plus one essay) for 18+ feeble humans. Yes, this anthology is as much erotica as horror, if One like Me could call feeble humans writings "horror".

So now, please, those of you who are not of age, please leave this page and go back to studies or to proper reading!

Let's state it: this book is too short. Most of those stories would have deserved a longer development, and/or a sequel, provided the protagonists are still alive.
But I guess in those hard crisis times (for which We, The Great Ol'Ones, have some responsiblities, always ready to make feeble humans lives more miserable!) a longer book would not fit in most budgets.

So let's list those feeble humans authors who dared to write about My sexual life:

THIS HUMAN FORM by Lyndsey Holder
THAT HIDEOUS THING by Ran Cartwright
UNSATISFIED by Brian M. Sammons
MATER ANNELIDA by Victoria Dalpe
The POTBOILER SIGIL by Luke R. J. Maynard
ALL THIS for the GREATER GLORY of the 7th and 329th CHILDREN of the BLACK GOAT of the WOODS by Molly Tanzer
BABYMAMA by Kenton Hall
OUR CHILD by Annabeth Leong
BOY by Don Webb
PIECES (2) for STRING OCTET by Copper Sloane Levy
The WHISPERER in the VAGINA by Shon Richards
OBSIDIAN CAPRA AEGAGRUS by Christopher Slatsky
DIRTYMAG by Jonas Moth
WITH HONEY DRIPPING by Christine Morgan
IN THE DOWN DEEP DOWN by Jacqueline Sweet
BLOSSOM by Rose Banks


Most of these stories were a rather pleasant reading, though their authors didn't dare to go so far as this ol'timer of a French, Mr Marquis Sade (what a weird first name. Did I miss something in translation?).
I guess some are even hard enough to make most feeble humans readers ashamed of the arousing they'll feel when reading them!

As for the essay, it's rare a feeble human understand so well Our way to spread and ruin, accross history and generations.

Don't be surprised to find those authors (or some pieces of their ruined bodies) in My Woods, next time your pay Me a visit, willingly or (most probably) not!
And be sure it will be a great honor to them!

So, feeble humans mad enough to read this blog, if you want your suffering be shortened when I'll catch you in My Woods, buy and read this book!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some More Aeons... And now is Mother's Day!

Is it Me, or Time is running quicker and quicker on this world ?
I just took a plunge into the Internet underground, no more than the time to get some skills and wreak some havoc. And a whole season seems to have passed.
Some of you may have felt My Scent on your systems...

The funny thing is, for once, I don't even have to lure feeble humans into doing My desires, they do it well alone!
This not so virtual world will crumble and break your real one, soon. Well before the Stars are really Right. Without any involvement from Us, not even Nyarlathotep!

I won't be sorry for you, feeble humans. you entirely deserved your fate.

You may think I'm bitter, you silly. Remember which day we are. Today is Mother's Day.
Don't you think having to receive, thank for, and find a place to store thousands of presents in a day is a simple task ?
I cannot even remember the firstnames of half of My Young!

If I could take a hold on the Essential Salts of the feeble human who invented this hellish feast, even the other Great Ol'Ones would pity his fate!

In related news, the storage space renting market is booming, near My Woods. One more financial bubble in the making for your doom, scummy feeble humans!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It seems some Aeons...

... Since I didn't update this blog.

Well... So much happened in so short a time. I had to take some rest, just looking at you, feeble humans. You are such a farce.

Oh, and I learned to play baseball, but I'm still too bad at catching this bloody ball.
I was about to smash my baseball bat on something, but the Stars are still not Right for this.

My dear Nyarly is still playing with His puppet, I wouldn't have believed this toy would entertain Him so long.

Spring Break will come soon, as well as the Cleaning accustomed of the Season. There will be much mess to Clean.

Feeling as sleepy as Great Cthulhu, but it won't last long, now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Religion is the opium of the people

You, so-called masters of this world, but feeble humans nonetheless. You failed.

This silly movie insulting the Prophet fired a storm against you, in the very countries you helped.
And you wonder.
You'll never understand.
Those feeble humans toppling their dictators, what do they stand for ?
Democracy ? Freedom ? Ideology ? Or even mere money they don't have and will never ?
You helped them, foolishly believing they would become your slaves, or at least your allies.

No, they're just high on something you cannot encompass.
The ol'Wizard, Karl Marx was right. Only their shoot of opium will calm them! And nothing will prevent them to get it, this time. Up to the overdose.

You'll be glad When the Stars Are Right, in a way.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bashar is Still in Charge

The Arab Spring quickly rampaged some dictatorships. But the Butcher of Damascus still stands firm. Massacring and torturing at will. Some bad guys had their asses kicked by the UN for far less than that.
Syria has no petroleum, no gas, no uranium, no pipelines. Only geopolitical reasons could explain this. Or not.

Mainstream and conspirationist explanations are manyfold:

- Syria is an ally of Russia, and China. These countries are blocking UN actions against it.
- Syria is a secret ally of the West and Israel, to fight Iran.
- The West and Israel are objective allies of Arab (and other) dictatorships. Prefering stability and keeping the extremists at bay.
- The great powers love wars, to sell weapons and justify defense expenses.
- Al Assad is a reptilian king, as all the world leaders, dictators or not (I love this one!).

All this is bullshit.

WE, The Great Ol'Ones are supporting this butcher and puppeting the so called great powers to foster his regime.

Don't you see the pattern, here ?

- Mad Arabs, once more. It seems my Dear Nyarly is still fond of them.
- AL Hazred's Legacy. More to come on this, one of these Aeons.
- Fear, utter sufferance of the victims. Frightened and maddened souls are so tasty for Us.
- Oh yes, We have some secrets burried under the City of Jasmine We don't want you, feeble humans to find. At least not as long as the Stars are still not Right. Be patient, for once.

Feeble humans, you begun to play Chess for so short a time. You cannot even suspect the moves you are embroiled in.

Now for the Next Move...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dark Times a'comin'

Elections on the so called "old continent".
Reminders of darker times.
Will they stand? Will they flee? Will they burn?
Stars almost Right, now!

For Whom the Bell Tolls?
Endless Grey going Dark.
Time Marches On.
Blackened, the Silence so loud!