Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is...


Just made a trip to the East, on our new highway (don't try to find it on a map, silly mortals).
Good news for you, humans: the newly re-elected Prince of Persia isn't an Avatar of Nyarly.

Well... Not directly...

The bad news are: his mentor and puppet master, is... And from a longer time you would guess.

This Khamenei is just like old Ephraïm Waite. Never wonder how his language and manners look like those of his predecessor ? He didn't even bother to choose a much different name for his new envelope!
And the list of his reincarnations is rather long. It's not hard to find feeble minds easy to be droped from their heads, out there. The religious brainwashing is for something in that!

Well... There will be war among the Persians, before it spread abroad. It won't be long, now. The new King of the West and his friends won't have to search long to get spotlights anywhere but on their plots. More on this next time.