Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Stars are Almost Right!

Now, I know why I woke up several days ago.

I captured several human beings since last time. Killed and ate some, impregnated others, converted some...
And I took the DNA of them all.

The human race is ripe for Our Return. We, Ye Great Old Ones, inserted in their DNA parts of our own genetics sequences...
Like viruses, these programs worked and computed for generations.
Infecting their cells, organs, reproducing themselves into following generations.

The process is now almost over.

Scanning the minds of my victims and followers, I saw the results of all this.
No wonder it's so easy to get them.

Their spirits and guts are like a parchment for Us to write.

Funny how they behave like Us when we were young, long before coming on the earth.
Some took more from The Great Cthulhu, others from Ithaqua or Chaugnar Faugn.
But they mostly got Nyarlathotep's and my own features.

Not surprising, as we teamed many times to imprint the biology of this world.

I've got now several tens of human followers. More are coming each night.

With the force it gives Me, I'm able to see farer and farer...
What I need now, is to reach the Others.
Probably Nyalrathotep is easier, as His spirit seems to be everywhere in this world.
Many humans are a kind of Crawling Chaos themselves.

I got a glimpse of their recent history. What a mess since My latest incarnation!
Wars, plagues, environment destruction, mass mental illness, manipulations...

Their entire civilization seemls to be directed to one goal: power for destruction.

This world is really full of promises.

Almost time for this evening ceremony. Is see they are still more numerous.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Partie de chasse

At last I got one human.

Was a junky wandering about the forest, completely drunk and stoned...
He was with a girl even more drugged than him.

I drove the two in forest with some hallucination.
The guy was too doped to be afraid. I killed him and eat his flesh at once.
Not a bad taste, but not excellent either. Lack of fear in his mind.
Anyway, it was sufficient to ease my hunger for now.

As the girl saw the scene, Me in My Mightiness, crushing and swallowing her companion, she came out of her dreams.
I spared her because of the taste of her fear. It was so good to feel her wet her pants.

In reward, I gave her a small token into her womb.
She will bore my first Offspring in this Aeon.

I let her go for now. She will come back when the time for delivery has come...

I hope she will get some others in the vicinity. I need human flesh, and minds, and their fear to feed myself.
I need cultists and followers, too.

Let me make a parenthesis, here:

I feel some minds are upset by the fact I impregnated this girl.
Am I not supposed to be a female beeing ? Mother of Thousands Young ?

Ah! The narrowness of mortal spirit!

Think of isolated forms of life. What do they do to multiply ?
The become hermaphrodite, DNA reproducing with itself...

How do you think such peculiar forms of life as Us, Ye Old Ones, so unique,
so powerful you dub Us Gods or Goddesses,
but so isolated, and subjects to aeons of sleep, and wars among Us...
How do you think we survived all this times and dimensions ?

Sexes and genders are only a mortal notion.

Even if I'm used to appear as a female entity, I can, and I have been both along time...

Moreover, I'm able to keep the semen of my male or the eggs of my female partners, combining and reusing them as necessary...

This girl I impregnated with my DNA and Nyarlathotep's...
A good combination which has proven its efficiency more than one time!

I kept some DNA of the guy and the girl, too... Need to check some things about it.
More on this next time...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Strange world...

What a strange world...

I got to the frontier of the forest and found a wirefence.
There was a road, and fields... I feeled human spirits in the distance.
Many of them. And their technology. I saw their cars on the road, their machines in their towns.

Who would have foreseen these feeble humans would master this world, aeons ago ?
And what is best, in spite of their power and technology and all, they are still as fearful as they were when we, Ye Old Ones, created them !

They're afraid of the future, of illness, of climate, and more than all, of their own race!

But they don't remember Us.

For them, Cthulhu, Ye Old Ones, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth and myself are only funny monsters in comics books and video games!

They even make fun of Us like this site: http://www.macguff.fr/goomi/unspeakable/vault00-cast.html

I'll get this goomi and make him respect Our Greatness!
Al Azred will look lucky compared to him!

Well... For now I really need human meat, now. Not much big animals in this forest. Guess these humans made them dwindle.

Back soon...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to wake up this blog...

Not much to tell you for now... Feel a bit drowsy after these aeons sleeping...
Seems some of my followers didn't sleep: http://shub-niggurath.com

Must eat some animal meat before looking for human's... Back soon...