Friday, May 22, 2009

Still tunneling

Shudde M'ell is back, too!
Don't need to tell you were He is burrowing, It's anywhere in the news. Going to organize a dancing party with My Youths and His! No invitations, like a rave, setup is always a surprise!
Soon in your (bay)area! And pizza for free! Iäää!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Tunnel

I gave no news since last Yule. No time to write, too much to do in this decidedly stranger world...
So what's new ? My Youngs have quickly grown up and already gone abroad with Their Father.
I only get news of Them through the press, now. Seems this is common with mixed couples these days. Maybe I should hire an attorney to get Them back, but well... I don't want to hinder Their studies.
You all humans have surely heard of Them in the news. The East is crumbling under Their strokes: wars on earth and sea, Near East elections (don't fully understand what's this, as each leader seems worse than the previous one), and now this new missile.
All I regret is that Their Father seems too eager and as always in a rush. Hope Old Nye won't make a mess of all the opportunities this Aeon bears...

As for Me, well... Just killing time playing with My new pet. You know it also. You even gave it several names: A-H1N1, Mexican flu, swine flu... Surely you didn't know it was a direct product of my Forests. And so many among you still want to protect the trees, believing your survival needs them!
If only they knew... Your Doom is there, lurking in My so fruitful forests. All humans would press on deforestation, root out trees to the last.
Anyway it's too late, now. Just wait 'till next Fall. You will rightly be frightened during Samain Feast! No tricks, this time!