Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey! WTF ?!?

Madness is Our Realm! We, The Great Old Ones, are the Only Ones to yield this WMD!

But, what's this shit ? What about this froggy wreaking havoc Our media plan ?

I can assure you it's not an Avatar of Nyarlathotep!
It's not one of My Thousand Youths!
It's not even one of Our minions, escaped from Our vaults nor of one of your sanitariums!

Who is he ?

Just a froggy who tried to climb too high for his guts!

This looser is called DSK in his own country. History will recall less than three letters from his name...

Finance wonderfully leads to madness... This lamer may have too much read the hidden grimoire nECONOMICon...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Squid in space

Squid go into space – for the sake of humanity


Poor Humans! They need a multibillion scrap heap to send a poulp into space!

Don't worry, feeble Humans, other babies with real wings will shortly come down for you from outter space!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Last time before I leave you!

Shudde M'ell! For the last time, PLEASE STOP FARTING IN BED!

These holidays in Spain should have been a dream and you made it a nightmare!

You silly tunnel digger!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

They got him, finally!

Coming back a week too late, We had some cleaning to do on the east cost of Japan. What a party it was, there!

And now learning these christian fanatics finally got this muslim fanatic nemesis wanabe moron, this Ben Laden.

Reminds Me of another Yemenite dumbass, trying to make much advertisement writing about things he couldn't even begin to understand, poor human... And surely expecting to rip some royalties from it.
As boonty, he got only ripped by one of our inferior demons. We didn't even bother to act Ourselves!

I know the OBL's videos will stay for a while, just as the Al Hazred book stand centuries of well deserved autodaf├ęs.

Let this be a fair warning for those who pretend to be famous by world destruction: you all finish in the trash bin of History, you silly wannabe Nemesis.
If you want to wreck the Universe havoc, don't announce it on the net, just do it!

Good bye, mujahideen, hope your thousand virgins will pell your dried balls to the blood!

(Sorry to be rude, but We, Real Bad Great Old Ones, don't stand competition from so filthy motherfuckers)

Now going take some rest and fun. Our new Club Med in Tripoli is awesome! This colonel is the kind of mad arabs I love the more!