Friday, December 24, 2010

Thoughts about France and Ivory Coast

Some weeks ago, the same day, there were two elections of utmost importance!

French had two competing elections for their beautyfulest Miss. So they have now two Miss France.
Ivory Coast had one presidential election, and is stuck with two competing presidents, neither of them would recognize his defeat.

Poor French! Each nation has the problems it deserves!
When I think two weeks ago (or was it two centuries ?) they were leading Revolutions... Well...
My boyfriend Nyarly is jacking up until He'd bleed about all this!

Time for Wishes

Feeble humans,

We, the Great Old Ones, wish you to die tonight with horrible sufferance and cosmic horror!
This birthday of what some of you call your "Savior" was saluted by Stars, may these be Right tonight!
Hopefuly, the coming year will be the last of your supremacy on this dusty rock you call "the world".

And continue to search a real usage for these thingy iPads and other tablets many of you will get at the foot of your tree tonight.
It leaves Us time to think to your non-future!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Already a new Winter Solstice ?

Times accelerate these eaons... Preparing the Festival with my Old Mate the Great Cthulhu. Stay tuned to get news about coming floods!

Oh, and no way to search Wikileaks archives about Us. We, The Great Old Ones, have nothing to do with diplomats!

More horrors lurking next to your doorstep!