Friday, April 30, 2010


It was a time when "IP" meant "Internet Protocol". The basis of this thingy enabling you to read this post...
These days, even articles on geek sites like this Slashdot take "IP" for "Intellectual Property".
What a change in so few time!
We, The Great Old Ones are well aware of Change. But We see and yield it on long eaons you feeble humans can barely cope with.


Why do you, especially your leaders, politics, economics, financials... Why do you lose time with such petty questions ?

I mean, the Internet Protocol is a tremendous technology. It was never patented. Open to everyone wanting to use it.
What's this mess protecting not so new ideas for greedy profit ?

Well... I should not complain. It will serve Us. Nonetheless, if you kill yourself and your guts with such bullshit, the meat won't be so tasteful for Us when we finally get you!

So please, don't spoil Our fest!

Do not sue, Fight! (preferably with sharp blades)
Do not think for you petty profit, there'll be none eventually!
Eat more and more so your flesh will be plenty!
Don't care about Future, We will handle it!
And, most importantly, don't kill yourselves you silly! What will remain for Us to eat ?
If you do, We'll be obliged to come down on another world... Think of other aliens so called civilizations we'll wreak havoc!

Well... we'll get'em all eventually!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've lost my iFungus 4G prototype, and this sciences Gizmodo found it and leaked it!

Wonder if some airways company will offer Me a fly away from the Boss, and some drink to forget!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Too much is too much. Can't stand my liquor after several days of party. Maybe those gases are going to my head, too...

Well... It seems my Lloigor friends need some help.
They were not as secret as usual, this time.
See the "LL" on the pic ? It means all!

I should've warn them about froggies...

Never mind. Just some bullshit and the next bubble will get momentum. Maybe a new quake or something to keep your feeble human minds occupied, We'll see, hehe!

Meanwhile, here is a preview of what will happen next to your home!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sure You Wonder How We Can Make So Huge A Cloud

Silly Humans! You still don't understand how powerful, We, The Great Old Ones, are, ney ?

Al right, I'll explain how we covered the North Sea with ashes. Not a huge achievement for Us, anyway.

So, when Ithaqua decided to have His party, He had some conditions: must be far in the North where His powers are greater, there must be wind, big wind, and He loves clouds, too.
When You have Friends like the Cthonians attending to Your Party, and the place is a volcanic island, lost in the Northern Sea, covered with Ice, surrounded with winds, it's not complicated.

The main problem for Our Cthonians Friends is that they don't like water. They almost can't suffer to see it, I mean.
So They had to reach the place tunneling far away in the roots of the oceanic plateau, bringing rocks, lavae, gases, hydrocarbure for the fun.
When They came to the surface, by the volcano's chimney, the ice covering it melted in huge clouds.
The Wendigo dancing with strippers made the clouds whirl.

That's It. No Magick here. Just physical and natural forces.

But, hey! What if We turned this into a supervolcano ? The clouds would plunge the whole planet in a nuclear winter.

If you don't know what I'm speaking about, take a look at this:

Latest small one, in 1815, was named The Year Without A summer
Small, but caused much havoc and death among Humans...

I'll feed this idea to the brides. Stay tuned for the marriage. All the Human Race (and their pets) will be invited, this time!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Party In The North!

I told you last time Mother Hydra was with Ithaqua. Now it's official!

Ithaqua is currently feasting the burial of His bachelorhood in Iceland. No wonder that's making some clouds!
Pity humans stopped their flights too early for Us to get some appetizers. But the Party is only at its beginning!

No, I won't tell you Who assists, it would lead to too much mess with Ol'Dagon, and surely with the Bride.
Didn't even imagine Ithaqua was so HARD. Almost exhausted Me already ;)