Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dark Pools

Events have a weird way to collide, sometimes. Even surprising Us, The Great Ol'Ones.

While traveling to lay My Eggs in the most lovely places this small world counts, I had time to catch some news of the financial planet.
I wonder no more why My favorite Lover, Nyarly didn't show up to My latest orgies. He's at work!

The next crisis is already on its way, and it will be more deadly than the previous ones. 2000, 2007, even 1929 will be relegated in the dwarves of economics history.

You feeble humans, will be focused on some petty wars for a time, or on these Antisec clowns trying to wreack havoc Paypal.

Real Nemesis is coming unattended, though. It's called Dark Pools. I recognize My Ol'Dear Nyarlathotep here, never acting openly, only giving good advices to His puppets.

My next generation of Youths won't have much effort to do for getting Their food, Feeble humans cities will be empty soon, and nomads will wander in the Forest, free to be devoured at will!

I don't fear for My Youths, even if their cattle are badly nourished, their fear will be a far greater compensation for the missing meat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting babies, many babies

Test confirmed, I'm pregnant from the several Lovers I laid with last weekend!

Last time I did it the mammal way.

Now I will describe you another recipe, to deliver a new generation of Youths.

As you may know, feeble humans, We, The Great Ol'Ones, are form changers. We can look like whatever We want, depending on Our mood of the time.
It's the same when having children.

This time, I'll do it the insect way: ths Summer Season is a time for traveling, so be it.

I will leave My eggs all around this small world, as a surprise gift for the feeble humans living in the neighbourhood, when the eggs will break, and deliver My Larvaes!

I guess some New Age dumbass will have a great summertime, as well as some forest rangers and orchard growers.

Don't be frightened for My Youths, feeble humans, while They seem to be vulnerable in their eggs, or as young and tender Larvaes, They will be well guarded.
And to prevent the Guardians to feed on them, I will choose the locations so They won't lack food and game.

Your financial system seems not quite dead, yet, feeble humans. So I will give you an investment advice: don't put any penny nor cent nor shekel in a company whose activities are related to camping or forest. These will take a real blow in the following weeks!
Traveling agencies and transport companies will have a hard time. This beardy looser's may be feeding the fishes, it won't change anything. There are far more dangerous creatures than terrorists and extremists, in this small world.
You can invest in mortuary industries, though.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Monday

Cleaning the mess done during the weekend...

After all these parties and orgies, I'll have a hard work cleaning My home. I'd like to let the blood and meat patches on My walls and roof, but I need a clean place to foster the products yielded by this...

Did a test this morning, I'm waiting for a new bunch of Youths!

Expect more festivities in the coming weeks!

Yes, Birth and Fostering is also an orgiastic Festival for Us, The Great Ol'Ones.

You, feeble humans, may wonder how is it to make festivities while waiting for One Thousand new Youths.
The only thing I'll tell you for now, it's varying, at least as much as Our Forms and Morphology...

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tea for Two, and Two for Me

... And You for Me!

Today I will explain you My recipe for a lovely, intimate, and unforgettable dinner with Your favorite lover (or one of Yours)!

- A good bunch of foolhardy adults, at least five. Ten or more, depending of the Greatness and Power of your Guest.
- Some younger ones, preferably not related to the former ones. It's always better to diversify your diet.

- First: find out the taste of the Guest. It can be rather tricky, as Mines are famous for their quick change of mood, and forms...
Looking at the Stars will be of much help. A good and precise Eaons Calendar will be handy, too. Avoid the Maya's, it's full of mathematical and astronomical mistakes!

- Second: Choose the right victims, err... meat.

- Third: organize a party to get the sacrificed ones to a convenient place.
You have two options, here: confined or out in the wild (but isolated). For a really intimate dinner, where, well, the ultimate goal is to get laid, I would counsel a closed place. Most of common basements will do, provided they are well sound proof. An isolated farm or manoir is my preferred place.

- Fourth: don't miss the appetizers phase. Some children of the neighborhood will do, or campers.
If your Guest is a male Deity (as most of Mine are), let Him play with these toys, They like it.

- Five: Don't let this childish mess last too long, at least not to the point your dinner room is overwhelmed by blood and flesh. Try to keep the place clean for the main course.

- Six: now, this can be tricky. Get Your Guest to hide, hide well yourself, and open the basement trap or door, remotely and quietly.
The victims will generally take some time before getting out, so scared they are. Wait they are all gone out, silence, quietness and discrecy is the key there.

- Seven: they will wander in Your dwelling. As nothing bad happens they will get more bold but no less afraid, though they will boast sometimes.

- Eight: get one of them. If possible, make him/her die slowly with much scream. It will render the meat of the others finer.
IMPORTANT: just before he/she dies, give the stuff to Your Guest. He will greatly appreciate this offrande.

- Nine: now, the frantic mess is on. Your Guest won't resist to get your victims, play with them, disjoint them.
Let Him do what He wants with them.

- Ten: After such a mess, Your Guest may be tired and hopefully tender. Time to get laid and breed a new generation of Thousand Youths!
If Your Guest feels too tired, don't hesitate to add some spice to the intercourse, sex toys are not only for humans, especially when they are made of human (and still living) flesh and bones!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More cooking

You, feeble humans, especially those so called modern protestant or just selfish without enough kids to replace your loser generation, and even catholic or other archaic ones, with barely enough offspring to fill the earth to exhaustion during the next century, you cannot understand what is it to have to foster One Thousand Youths!

And when I say 1 000, it's only a quick sum... Millions would better fit.

I must do justice, for once, We, the Great Ol'Ones, have at least one common point with your feeble race: male inconsequence.

Male are eager to promise you the Universe and Everything, provided you lay and open your legs.
I talk from My looong experience, and I REALLY pity your females. At least, through Eaons, I had time to learn and manage.

Many of your females have only five minutes of pleasure, then nine months of sufferance, then twenty years of burden, for each promise you gave them.

But back to My point: how to feed My Thousands so lovely and hungry Youths, so generously bred by My godly lovers ?
Who didn't bother of their offspring afterward... Like many of male humans.

I had to industrialize things a bit. Your mcdonald's and co. didn't innovate much for that matter.

- First: chose a convenient date. Every solstice or special occasion, or even your national day will do. Religion and superstition is your invention, not Ours.

- Second: some marketing and communication. Get the flock to the butcher's place

- Third: make them laugh, then cry and scream. The meat is better when saturated with adrenaline.

- Fourth: add some condiments. I have a preference for some fine tasting viruses. But a meteorite will do, also.

- Five: the climax. Ambiance is of utmost importance for a great feast. Tsunami, earthquake, eruption, nuclear accident, storms.

- Six: Eat quickly while it's hot. My offspring never miss that!

- Seven: for the dessert, always let some victims run and harm them non lethaly. Can add some sugar as the fear and adrenaline can alter the taste bitterly.

Does this remember you of some event ? I love to keep some pictures and videos of family fests! Google links and cache are full of them!

Next recipe: a more intimate dinner for two. Before breeding a new stock of Youths!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Cooking

Woa! Feeble humans! You are at last mixing your DNA with animals' ?

Great news!

Seems you are a bit late, though... I should invite some of you for dinner one of these days. My kitchen would upset you!

Still hesitating, huh ?

We, the Great Ol'Ones, did this for long eaons, though... Picking some molecule chains and mixing with others.
Never wondered why your DNA is so common with ape's, swine's, or even fish's ?

Silly you are.

You're just discovering you have your hated enemy's genes, those poor Neanderthals you hunted and ate so mercilessly (losing your body hair in the process, voracious you were), mingled with your so precious ones...

And it's just a matter of time you find with what creatures (or, surprise! plants or fungi) your chromosomes were mixed with.

Your so called bio genius and engineering have nothing to show Us, silly beasts!

Next plague will be a mutated mildew you thought would attack only those primitive vegetables you grow and eat.

Just tested it yesterday evening with some unexpected guests. They will be a fine decoration in my cozy entrance. I ever was fond of bonsai, especially when they're animated by remains of their former life.

That will change them and you of your fast food!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


You'd never believe it, you feeble humans, that We, Great Ol'Ones, would take holidays ?
Well, yes We do, sort of.

All my Youths are gone to do camping in the woods, at the beach. Let Them have some fun, plenty of fresh meat on the coast these days.

Meantime, I'm alone in My old dwelling, enjoying the silence, the calm, and doing My home cleaning without fearing some of Them would ruin all My efforts by stepping with muddy feet.

During the afternoon, I watch the TV, commenting the events and the show with My favorite lovers, by SMS. Question of the day: which will fall first, the American Economy or the Murdock empire ? I'm sure Nyarly will push one of the two, just to win the bet.

Hey, feeble humans, did you think We're stuck with archaic grimoires and ceremonies in the woods for our leisures ? We know how to appreciate and use your so called "modern" technologies, when We find a point for it. And remember you're currently reading My blog, silly!

Summer night is for parties, just as for you.

Yesterday I snatched some youngs camping in My garden (they called it a haunted wood... A wood!). They are now haunting My cellar, girls heads still hooked to the boys genitals. Limbs of both genders will do a cozy decoration at the roof, when the worms will have done their job.

For tonight I don't know yet, maybe some beach games with teenagers camping in the vicinity, humans and star spawns from the nearby submarine suburbs.
Or maybe I'll replace one of the so called "horrors" showing in the local fest. If I choose this one, stay tuned about news of some more attractions gone to madness!

I love this season.