Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Human sillyness will always astound Me!

Playing with their fears, celebrating a feast they don't even know the origin and meaning.
O how they should be fearing this Day, though. Really.
It is My Day.

Celts were right to fear it. Thinning border between their world and Mine. Indeed!
Nowadays, Humans make fun of it, even making their children playing tricks!

Last time I told you I was preparing a party celebrating your coming demise.
What do you think the main course was ?

Let me quote a not so silly human writer:
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity..."

Now, if you dare, take a look at police statistics counting missing children and youths in the following days of... My Day!

Note to the parents: please, can you stop buying'em those indigest plastic masks and costumes ?

Now, going to my doctor. If he doesn't have some cure for my aching stomac, his flesh would make an acceptable remedy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Evil

Know the Google moto ? Don't Be Evil.
What about Be Completely Evil ?

IT's already on the run, somewhere, everywhere, out to get YOU.
I launched IT this morning with the help of some unknowingly friends.

Who is IT ? What is IT ? Don't worry, you will know IT when IT will eat your guts.

As Humans need to put a face on abstract concepts, I will tell you... If you imagine an hybrid mixing Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden and Terminator, you'll not miss the point by much.

A really Evil computer virus. Just spreading, silently for now.
When the Stars are Right, IT will wake up and wreak havoc all IT will touch.
The networks of course, your hard drive, your online data, even those you aren't aware of.
Your bank accounts, your local hospital, your email and messaging boxes, your Sacred TV, the traffic lights at the corner of your street.
Your cellular phone, too.

How will you live without all this virtuality gone too real ? Iä !

When will IT hit you ? You'll know soon enough. IT has nothing to loose, IT doesn't think like you. ITs only agenda is to break, kill, destroy all IT can.

And you silly humans, you invented virtual viruses only to send some spam! And try to win the jackpot!

We, The Great Old Ones, are above Good and Evil. We don't care about you, feeble humans. Only your are so much a fun for Us, when your guts are filled with your fears.
We eat your anxiety. It is our favorite meal.
We'll be the real winners.

Now, some family news. Remember my Youths born almost a year ago ? Seems eaons, right ?
I sent them abroad as they are in age of studying. Much quicker than your humans offspring who need to remain in your nest more than 20 years.
So They are settling new territories.
No need to tell you where. Many of you are already feeling it.
And your so called scientists and your politicians warn you about climate change risking to destroy your so loved forests!
If they only suspected what is growing there, they'd burn'em all at any price!

It's all in your genes, I guess, Humans.
Always fighting for what isn't relevant.
Always waking too late, having already destroy what could save you.
Always fearing what can't harm you.
And ignoring the real threat that will lead you to your Doom.

Enough for now. I've an orgy to prepare. Celebrating your demise.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is the colour of this forthcoming aeon
Humans always feared it. I just don't know why
Last week a singer died. He wanted to be white
Black is the future, it is already the present

Why did he die wanting to be white ? He was not
Skin is only an envelope. Soul is real meat
The new King of West is almost Black in his meat
Next will be Black in His Soul, future will be not

Bubbles and Bubbles

Now some economics and politics.
Where are the real winners of the current financial crisis ?
Hint: just look at the resumé of almost all the people in public office, here and on all the continent.
What do they all have in common ? Were at some time or another an executive of some of the most powerful business banks, mainly Goldman Sachs.

This firm, more than its counterparts, is in the bubble business for more than a century: Great Depression, Internet zero billion dollar market, subprimes, oil peak last year, and now the bail out plans.
Not a bad distance for mortals. Well, it's fairly easy when you're able to place so many of your pawns in decisive positions. The court of the new King of the West is already crippled...

Now the scoop: the next bubble will be on carbon business. They've even managed to replace tax collecting by a private speculation market. And all that in the name of the crumbling environment!

These guys are really good. Or bad, depending on which side you are (if you're a mortal, you lost).
Even when you know the founders of the firm started after visiting some isolated areas in the hills of Vermont. Don't wonder whence their skills in ore speculation came...
They beated their old continent mentors, ye Lloigors.

All these bubbles are just a reminder of Yog-Sothoth shape, before He comes back, too!
That won't be virtual mathematic constructions, this time!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is...


Just made a trip to the East, on our new highway (don't try to find it on a map, silly mortals).
Good news for you, humans: the newly re-elected Prince of Persia isn't an Avatar of Nyarly.

Well... Not directly...

The bad news are: his mentor and puppet master, is... And from a longer time you would guess.

This Khamenei is just like old Ephraïm Waite. Never wonder how his language and manners look like those of his predecessor ? He didn't even bother to choose a much different name for his new envelope!
And the list of his reincarnations is rather long. It's not hard to find feeble minds easy to be droped from their heads, out there. The religious brainwashing is for something in that!

Well... There will be war among the Persians, before it spread abroad. It won't be long, now. The new King of the West and his friends won't have to search long to get spotlights anywhere but on their plots. More on this next time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Still tunneling

Shudde M'ell is back, too!
Don't need to tell you were He is burrowing, It's anywhere in the news. Going to organize a dancing party with My Youths and His! No invitations, like a rave, setup is always a surprise!
Soon in your (bay)area! And pizza for free! Iäää!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Tunnel

I gave no news since last Yule. No time to write, too much to do in this decidedly stranger world...
So what's new ? My Youngs have quickly grown up and already gone abroad with Their Father.
I only get news of Them through the press, now. Seems this is common with mixed couples these days. Maybe I should hire an attorney to get Them back, but well... I don't want to hinder Their studies.
You all humans have surely heard of Them in the news. The East is crumbling under Their strokes: wars on earth and sea, Near East elections (don't fully understand what's this, as each leader seems worse than the previous one), and now this new missile.
All I regret is that Their Father seems too eager and as always in a rush. Hope Old Nye won't make a mess of all the opportunities this Aeon bears...

As for Me, well... Just killing time playing with My new pet. You know it also. You even gave it several names: A-H1N1, Mexican flu, swine flu... Surely you didn't know it was a direct product of my Forests. And so many among you still want to protect the trees, believing your survival needs them!
If only they knew... Your Doom is there, lurking in My so fruitful forests. All humans would press on deforestation, root out trees to the last.
Anyway it's too late, now. Just wait 'till next Fall. You will rightly be frightened during Samain Feast! No tricks, this time!