Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Solstice

At last, Sun is on Her descending path... This season will be hot! Autumn will be Bloody!

Just came back from some holidays in Fukushima, Japan. Forests will grow quickly there. Spring is the best time to Seed!
Feeble humans fear the Ocean and Dagon's Wrath. They don't suspect What is lurking in their back while they are watching on the coast!
I made interesting encounters while swimming near the fault. Ocean life can be tremendous when Evolution is helped by some radiations...
Interbred Myself and some of My Youths with these nuclear marine novelties and brought back the products to brood under earth. Once fully growth, dummy ecologists won't praise the Forest anymore!
Youth clad in black scales! No armor nor weapon would avail against these!

Now back in Europe for the Festivals season. Those silly new age dumbass don't know how near the Truth they are when expecting the end of their world...
Some My Youths played with germinated seeds, too, while I was away. Just a kids game for now. Now is the right season to grow and harvest.
Five fruits and vegetable a day ? And bloody diarrhea for the night!
Bonfires and Hydromel for the survivors!
Let there be music, songs, and prayers! Many of these wannabe Pagans don't even know the real meaning of their ceremonies... They will find out soon... Too soon for their Sanity!

Music and gardening, and bucolic fest until the Sun rises on a devastated landscape. That is Poetry!

Will write a cook book, one of these days, to teach feeble humans how to savor My garden products.
Now I'm off, need to negociate some EU grant for My new agro company... It was an idea of my lover Nyarly: make them pay for their demise!
His humor will always make Me melt!