Saturday, April 26, 2008


At last, I've entered my new dwelling! This city is really wonderful!
I have settled in the underground labyrinths under the town. Tunnels, sewers, catacombs, tubs. Modern cities are even better developed than ancient ones.
Many humans dwelling or working there are now enthralled to Me and My Youths. By conviction or by fear.

I have now a Capital in this world.

Naturaly, there was some blood spilled. Some of my followers captured underground voyagers in a subway station and immoled them for My Glory. They were even joined by a couple of Shoggoths, bloodthirsty as usual. I had to send My Youths to settle things properly.
But the mess reached the news.
Anyway I am in control of the main media what ? er... "journalists" as they call themselves.
I didn't have much work dictating them what to report, as it seems this human country is in an "election year". It draws all of their thoughts.
Can't yet figure what it is exactly.

Seems some of my ex-husband's cultists are even running for it: Cthulhu for President or are they just mocking Us ?

Anyway, my power will spread from here to the world. I have already sent followers to other human cities and countries. Can't wait for their reports!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I got a Call

Just before departing to the City, I received a Call.
It was a long time I wasn't Summoned by a mortal sorcerer or any other creature.
People of these times lack skills and perseverance to learn the right Words and Rites.
On the good side, it lets more time to mind my own Business. You can't know how it can become boring to be Called by wannabe world masters who ask silly questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.

This one wanted to know the secret of Eternal Life.
If I had more time I would have given some double-axe spell, and watch him handle the trouble.
But I was in a hurry, eager to enter my new Capital.

Evidently, he had misspelled the Words of Binding, or forgotten to set his Protections rightly.
I didn't kill him. He will not live forever, but won't die soon enough for his comfort.
When I left him, he even had all his mind, and enough of his body to survive.
But not much more.

For what I know of the human society, his peers won't let him die nor ease his pains deliberately. Even if he begs them.
Great human laws full of fairness, goodness, pity, and Justice for All!

Anyway, I'm now about to leave this Forest in which I came back to life in this world.

A new life begins, among humans, throngs of them.

Hail Civilization! Your days are counted!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My Youths captured a Shoggoth in the City!
It lays now at my tentaculous feet. Utterly liquefied.
Not long before it reforms again, but now I'm sure it's bound to Me.

Strange things it told me. He believes to have been brought there by the creators of its race, Ye Elder Things.
Maybe it was one of their time travel experiences before their creations doomed them...

Anyway, they are here now, and I will use them.

According to what this Shoggoth told me, they were released here some centuries ago, just after the foundation of the City.
As human activity developed, they traveled to other big cities, by ground, water and air. They are still in contact with their peers all over the world.

It won't be long before I control them all. It will even be easier than I hoped.
Decidedly, Times are more than right for Us!

There's a bad side, though. Some humans are aware of Us. Shoggoths were never famous for their discretion. But for what I know about current human society, it will be easy to make them crushed by their own authorities. Make them accused of heresy or sorcery or "terrorism", as they seem to like the term, nowadays.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still waiting...

I have sent one squadron my worst human zealots to the city. With some of my Youths.
They told me strange things. The entrails of this metropolis show the signs of recent Shoggoths dwellings...
Waiting for my Youths to contact them. If they can't, I will go Myself and see...

Not that I fear them, but depending of their maturity and number, they can be a hurdle to manage.
And yet can be so useful.
As for I know, they seem to have taken the control of the big city, one way or another. Maybe for some aeons.
All humans my zealots met are marked by their Sign, in their flesh and spirit.
Even the lords of the city, the "Mayors" as they call them, are under their influence.

I need to learn more about that before moving more.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Last time, I told you about the Tcho-Tchos and Tibet.
But no time to mess up with that. To raise as many children as I have is such a hurdle...

I didn't told you, I got many followers, and lovers, and brides, and children, and human flesh these last two months.
Seems this world is as full of people as it can be.

I've got several dozens of Youths, now... and about twice as many to come. And more devoted human followers, ahem... some of them not as human as that, in fact.

To tell all, I'm a bit frightened by these humans. So much violence in them. I don't have to incite them to kill or kidnap new brides or servants. They go for it, more eager to kill and rape than anything else. By just doing that, they spread my semen. I just need that for now. Get more and more of them.

I just worry for discretion.

But in these times, it seems all is possible, even the most chocking, brutal, savage.
One of these young Europe countries even recently elected a new president with this slogan: "Ensembles, tout est possible"!

Iää!!! They deserve it!

Soon my hordes of Youths and zealots will crush their homes !

This forest which I haunt becomes too small for me and my croud... Need more space and food. Maybe we'll go to this great city I see, not so faraway.. with its great buildings reaching the skies, it makes me feel Ye Old Irem of the Pillars is back from the Desert dust.
Must have damp and wet entrails below its chining carapace.

And the humans which are dwelling there are as ants we will feed from, like some predators.
I can feel even from here how they are full of fear, and hatred of themselves.
They will serve me well, willing or not !

From there the Long Journey will begin. First find the Others Old Ones, and conquer, and dominate!
Can't wait to see the masters of this Earth falling and crouching!

But first, reaching this city. Don't mind its name, it will be dub after Myself! My Capital!