Saturday, March 20, 2010

CTHONIANs Are Moving

Great migration time for the Cthonians. Some went East in Turkey for winter holydays, some prefered Chile but the main tribe got some sunny time in the Caribbeans!
Don't worry, They will be near your home soon! Get ready if you can!

Hmmm... And for those of you feeble humans, who thought to escape by hiding in your basement, don't count on this!
Mother Hydra and Her progeny will take care of your silly refuge if you are living too near the see level (or not), as She did on France Atlantic coast!

No need to bring an earthquake to get a flood, as you see... Just some wind and a timy tide.

Oh, and for those who are looking for gossip and peoples newsbreak, here is a scoop:
Mother Hydra isn't with ol'Dagon anymore. She took arm and luggage and progeny and went with Ithaqua. The storm and flood was there engagement party!

Stay tuned for the marriage, it promises much wreak and havoc!
You will be expected, of course, as food or merely amusement!