Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stars shifting ?

Are the Stars Right for you ?

It doesn't really matters for you, feeble humans!
For Us They are on Their way to be Right!

Errr... What is this noise ?
Unrest in North Africa ? Not far from Egypt ?
Sorry, I must go at once. Seems the Time has come to join My former husband Nyarly in His favourite area!

You'll ear more news of Us soon without bothering reading this blog for a Time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Score!

This past year was tremendous for Us!
Earth Quakes, Floods, Vulcanoes... They even killed more than the humans' petty wars!
Death toll caused by "natural" disasters was at its peak since 30 years.

Special prize for the Cthonians, Iää! Shudde M'ell! A'gnl ftagn hoopfnl nagl f'agn! Iää!

This year, the local star will be right: Maunder Minimum
At least, Ithaqua's winds will make you regret your petty global warming...

But more surprises will surely come! We're working on It!

Horrible New Year, feeble humans!