Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Many old legends tell pregnancy and birth were like dying and be born again... Nothing is more true in this case!
The semen N. put in Me yesterday worked hard and quick!
I delivered them all this morning, couldn't stand and feed them more. I handled them to My most robust nurses. How powerful these Youths are! They even killed some of the nurses, so eager they are to eat and grow!
I suspect N. has perfected His DNA enhancement techniques on Himself before dropping the worst ideas into those human minds. No wonder their genetic engineering companies are so successful in preparing the destruction of their own race!

These little ones won't become a pretext to give presents to human children! It'll be the other way around!
I've set My Hunters loose on the big city suburbs and poor areas missioned to bring back human children of the year to feed My new Youths. The occasion is too well timed, isn't it ?
Don't expect to see your favorite news report on this. Yuletide period isn't fit for neighborhood tragedy, especially concerning the poorer of the poor. So much bad news already hitting the stands, anyway.

Need to rest, now... Reading, some writing, and reflecting... Still too many questions without answers in those really strange aeons...
Maybe I'm just not accustomed to child bearing anymore. This will mend shortly.

Monday, December 22, 2008


At last, I met my former lover, Nyarlathotep!

He seems to have much changed since last time I saw Him, during the witch hunts several centuries ago. And not so much, in fact...
Dear Nyarly. Always this sense of prettiness even in the most utter horror mongering.
He was wearing His current work suit, elegant but sober, in phase with the financial aces fashion. Even if one detail betrayed His overwork. He still had a GI's plate hanging round His neck, probably just coming back from one of His favorite battlefields!
Told Me He was just making some check and adjustments in the Big Apple mess before going west to handle the real economy as well as the virtual one. Can't wait to see the Chaos He will set in motion there, too!

No doubt now, the Stars are right! And the Sky is about to fall on this petty so-called civilization!

Between, the Tcho-Tcho people are moving, too... They're just beginning to defy this world leaders, it's only a matter of time before they advance openly toward the West. Chaugnar Faugn will soon wake up from His millenary sleep!
Others will wake up shortly now. From what Nyarlathotep told me, I guessed those boats runners, the Vendée Globe world tour, will meet more than just flying fishes and whales in the South Oceans! Never wonder why their boats had a tendency to sink near R'lyeh ?

One thing I don't fully understand yet, is this climate warming affair. No more ice covering the North Pole. Where is Ithaqua ? I guess my dear Nyarly has much to do with this than He pretends. Even if He assures Me this mess is entirely due to mankind recklessness, for once. He always tried to keep His little business tricks for Himself. But I see farer than He would like!

Well... I must rest now. As you may already have guessed, We didn't just talk! I have a new generation of offspring to bear and deliver. How potent my dear Nyarly still is! Doesn't seem to have aged a day through all these eaons!
I feel deep inside these new Youths will be specially strong and cunning! Will change Me of these mindless unfrozen Shoggoths!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Politics as (not so)usual

Now that election time is over, let's go back to work... Hard work.
Fostering this crisis isn't an easy job. Fortunately we have many allies in both current and future administration.
Take this Bernanke for instance. He was boasting to be a Great Depression specialist. And he does exactly what will lead to an even more abyssal economic crunch! All that without Our help!

Between, I finally found out where Young Nyarlathotep was hiding. I was right to think He had some responsibility in this mess... Can't tell here openly. Just say he's very close to Secretary Paulson and inspired most of his so-called plan.

As if these feeble humans could engineer something even approaching a real plan... Tsss...
We, Great Deities, are the only Ones with the skills to foster Great Plans. Humanity will understand this once more too badly, and much too early for the tastes of many!

This new administration they think will come to power after Yuletide will be the shortest of their era.

Well... Much remains to do to ensure the feast will be remembered for many generations of men. My good Nyarlathotep wants to have some fun during these festivities. I have to prepare some fireworks.
Stay tuned to your regular news channels, you'll soon see what I mean!

After that, real work will begin to show its results. Lack of jobs and purse troubles will be a memory of good ol'times for those chimps!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Times and Dimensions

My cultists and My Youths work well... How amazing My Youths are growing in these urban areas. Like in those ancient times before we had to hide far inside forests and woods.

Times are changing once more.

Remember when I was with young Nyarlathotep. We traveled about this world, before it went green, then gray. I assumed my female form, then. And He almost exhausted me, breeding and breeding. What a sexual power He had!
We even go threesome with Goddess Bast. What a delight to be both male with Her and female with Him! Wonder if we could make it once more together...

Modern cats are descending of The Offsprings of Us, Goddess Bast and Me...
You couldn't tell nowadays, as they have dwindle to these stuffy creatures humans believe are their pets...
Wait till they grow again! Christian fanatics and sorcerer hunters were right to immolate them in those "Middle Ages"!

Some Summoners keep to ask me how we, Ancient Ones, can live in several Times and Dimensions simultaneously.
When I can, I usually show them how their body can be split in several parts and they still live to feel it!
For those who have managed to yield the good Protections which keep Me to mend them, I learn how to travel through Times and Dimensions.
Usually that goes worse for them than being crushed by My tentacles!

I remember one of them who managed to jump about fifty times along all the Continuum, without knowing he was leaving behind a small part of his flesh and mind each time.
It would not have been really armful to him if the parts had remained in each place.

But, as Universal Laws are, which even Us Great Ancients can't amend nor fully understand, there was some sort of Vortex, a Time Tempest which wandered in each of the fifty locations, and got hold of each of the Summoner parts, whose had now growth to seem like the original.
And dropped them all exactly where the Summoner was. In the Siberian forest where he was roaming after coming back to his world, mindless, babbling and not even able to stand on two feet as his race had learned.

Recreated matter doesn't bear to be brought to its other Times or Dimensions clones!
Human scientists believed it was anti-matter but it was exactly the opposite!
Too much matter duplicated in different Dimensions reunited in the same place
Wonderful to see how a small human body can sprout this much energy!
And they still wonder what meteor did this!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Times running short, even for Us, Ageless creatures

Too much busy to write, these days... This thing there, this election has taken most of my time. First to understand why these people vote in the first place...
How can an election change their miserable lives ?
I sent some spies in both conventions. Whatever the result, I'll be represented in the next administration!

I have much to do about this new economic crisis, too... Seems my old boy Nyarlathotep has set up a new chaotic cataclysm!
Violence, Wrath and Death will begin to rise!

Monday, May 26, 2008


As many of you humans know it, it's such a mess to move into a new dwelling!

Not that I care much about decoration, furniture and these sorts of things, but...
Switching from my bucolic forest to these gray, uniform masses of concrete and metal and glass they call "architecture" put My mind in a morale abyss.

Must finish with My installation here, and unpacking and all ASAP. And begin to focus on more glorious matters.
I didn't think it would take so much time to handle such trivialities. And those memories which come back on opening each crate.

Be back soon, for more interesting matters...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


At last, I've entered my new dwelling! This city is really wonderful!
I have settled in the underground labyrinths under the town. Tunnels, sewers, catacombs, tubs. Modern cities are even better developed than ancient ones.
Many humans dwelling or working there are now enthralled to Me and My Youths. By conviction or by fear.

I have now a Capital in this world.

Naturaly, there was some blood spilled. Some of my followers captured underground voyagers in a subway station and immoled them for My Glory. They were even joined by a couple of Shoggoths, bloodthirsty as usual. I had to send My Youths to settle things properly.
But the mess reached the news.
Anyway I am in control of the main media what ? er... "journalists" as they call themselves.
I didn't have much work dictating them what to report, as it seems this human country is in an "election year". It draws all of their thoughts.
Can't yet figure what it is exactly.

Seems some of my ex-husband's cultists are even running for it: Cthulhu for President or are they just mocking Us ?

Anyway, my power will spread from here to the world. I have already sent followers to other human cities and countries. Can't wait for their reports!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I got a Call

Just before departing to the City, I received a Call.
It was a long time I wasn't Summoned by a mortal sorcerer or any other creature.
People of these times lack skills and perseverance to learn the right Words and Rites.
On the good side, it lets more time to mind my own Business. You can't know how it can become boring to be Called by wannabe world masters who ask silly questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.

This one wanted to know the secret of Eternal Life.
If I had more time I would have given some double-axe spell, and watch him handle the trouble.
But I was in a hurry, eager to enter my new Capital.

Evidently, he had misspelled the Words of Binding, or forgotten to set his Protections rightly.
I didn't kill him. He will not live forever, but won't die soon enough for his comfort.
When I left him, he even had all his mind, and enough of his body to survive.
But not much more.

For what I know of the human society, his peers won't let him die nor ease his pains deliberately. Even if he begs them.
Great human laws full of fairness, goodness, pity, and Justice for All!

Anyway, I'm now about to leave this Forest in which I came back to life in this world.

A new life begins, among humans, throngs of them.

Hail Civilization! Your days are counted!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My Youths captured a Shoggoth in the City!
It lays now at my tentaculous feet. Utterly liquefied.
Not long before it reforms again, but now I'm sure it's bound to Me.

Strange things it told me. He believes to have been brought there by the creators of its race, Ye Elder Things.
Maybe it was one of their time travel experiences before their creations doomed them...

Anyway, they are here now, and I will use them.

According to what this Shoggoth told me, they were released here some centuries ago, just after the foundation of the City.
As human activity developed, they traveled to other big cities, by ground, water and air. They are still in contact with their peers all over the world.

It won't be long before I control them all. It will even be easier than I hoped.
Decidedly, Times are more than right for Us!

There's a bad side, though. Some humans are aware of Us. Shoggoths were never famous for their discretion. But for what I know about current human society, it will be easy to make them crushed by their own authorities. Make them accused of heresy or sorcery or "terrorism", as they seem to like the term, nowadays.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still waiting...

I have sent one squadron my worst human zealots to the city. With some of my Youths.
They told me strange things. The entrails of this metropolis show the signs of recent Shoggoths dwellings...
Waiting for my Youths to contact them. If they can't, I will go Myself and see...

Not that I fear them, but depending of their maturity and number, they can be a hurdle to manage.
And yet can be so useful.
As for I know, they seem to have taken the control of the big city, one way or another. Maybe for some aeons.
All humans my zealots met are marked by their Sign, in their flesh and spirit.
Even the lords of the city, the "Mayors" as they call them, are under their influence.

I need to learn more about that before moving more.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Last time, I told you about the Tcho-Tchos and Tibet.
But no time to mess up with that. To raise as many children as I have is such a hurdle...

I didn't told you, I got many followers, and lovers, and brides, and children, and human flesh these last two months.
Seems this world is as full of people as it can be.

I've got several dozens of Youths, now... and about twice as many to come. And more devoted human followers, ahem... some of them not as human as that, in fact.

To tell all, I'm a bit frightened by these humans. So much violence in them. I don't have to incite them to kill or kidnap new brides or servants. They go for it, more eager to kill and rape than anything else. By just doing that, they spread my semen. I just need that for now. Get more and more of them.

I just worry for discretion.

But in these times, it seems all is possible, even the most chocking, brutal, savage.
One of these young Europe countries even recently elected a new president with this slogan: "Ensembles, tout est possible"!

Iää!!! They deserve it!

Soon my hordes of Youths and zealots will crush their homes !

This forest which I haunt becomes too small for me and my croud... Need more space and food. Maybe we'll go to this great city I see, not so faraway.. with its great buildings reaching the skies, it makes me feel Ye Old Irem of the Pillars is back from the Desert dust.
Must have damp and wet entrails below its chining carapace.

And the humans which are dwelling there are as ants we will feed from, like some predators.
I can feel even from here how they are full of fear, and hatred of themselves.
They will serve me well, willing or not !

From there the Long Journey will begin. First find the Others Old Ones, and conquer, and dominate!
Can't wait to see the masters of this Earth falling and crouching!

But first, reaching this city. Don't mind its name, it will be dub after Myself! My Capital!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Mad Arabs are back!

Some times I didn't update this blog... Was looking at recent developments.

Funny how some nations outpass the others on the way of the Chaos...

First, there was this mad Arab, Al Hazred. He was contemporary of his people's Prophet, still revered today.
Maybe there are links between the two of them. Looking at their success at spreading Chaos.

Al Hazred did a huge job for Us. All that fainting to fight Us!
His writings were popularized until today mainly by novel writers and role/video games!
And now web sites

Then, the Arab Prophet followers founded the Al Azhar University.
These Egyptians were probably influenced by Nyarlathotep Spirit.

From this school came the Hashshashin/Assassin Sect, the Muslim Brotherhood and their spin off Al Qaeda
The Crawling Chaos Avatars have worked well!

And they spread to other countries and nations: crusades, inquisition and religious wars in Europe have been influenced by their oriental counterparts.

These organizations, and many others wrecked havoc the world for centuries.
Not a long time for Us, Great Old Ones, but it is rare to see this much Chaos in a so-called civilization...

These days, it is about to spark a new global conflict.
With the weapons the humans have nowadays, mainly thanks to Our Messenger's inspiring Spirit, it will doubtless bring their civilization's destruction, and Our Return!
And as several centuries ago, violence, madness and destruction has reached other countries as well.
Aggression responds to aggression.
Terror to terror.

And many of them only know Us through litterature or games!
They will eat their guts, or what remains of them!

Hmmm... Need to look at this "Tibet" thing, now. Seems the Tcho-Tchos are still active, too.
This eaon seems full of promises, decidedly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Stars are Almost Right!

Now, I know why I woke up several days ago.

I captured several human beings since last time. Killed and ate some, impregnated others, converted some...
And I took the DNA of them all.

The human race is ripe for Our Return. We, Ye Great Old Ones, inserted in their DNA parts of our own genetics sequences...
Like viruses, these programs worked and computed for generations.
Infecting their cells, organs, reproducing themselves into following generations.

The process is now almost over.

Scanning the minds of my victims and followers, I saw the results of all this.
No wonder it's so easy to get them.

Their spirits and guts are like a parchment for Us to write.

Funny how they behave like Us when we were young, long before coming on the earth.
Some took more from The Great Cthulhu, others from Ithaqua or Chaugnar Faugn.
But they mostly got Nyarlathotep's and my own features.

Not surprising, as we teamed many times to imprint the biology of this world.

I've got now several tens of human followers. More are coming each night.

With the force it gives Me, I'm able to see farer and farer...
What I need now, is to reach the Others.
Probably Nyalrathotep is easier, as His spirit seems to be everywhere in this world.
Many humans are a kind of Crawling Chaos themselves.

I got a glimpse of their recent history. What a mess since My latest incarnation!
Wars, plagues, environment destruction, mass mental illness, manipulations...

Their entire civilization seemls to be directed to one goal: power for destruction.

This world is really full of promises.

Almost time for this evening ceremony. Is see they are still more numerous.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Partie de chasse

At last I got one human.

Was a junky wandering about the forest, completely drunk and stoned...
He was with a girl even more drugged than him.

I drove the two in forest with some hallucination.
The guy was too doped to be afraid. I killed him and eat his flesh at once.
Not a bad taste, but not excellent either. Lack of fear in his mind.
Anyway, it was sufficient to ease my hunger for now.

As the girl saw the scene, Me in My Mightiness, crushing and swallowing her companion, she came out of her dreams.
I spared her because of the taste of her fear. It was so good to feel her wet her pants.

In reward, I gave her a small token into her womb.
She will bore my first Offspring in this Aeon.

I let her go for now. She will come back when the time for delivery has come...

I hope she will get some others in the vicinity. I need human flesh, and minds, and their fear to feed myself.
I need cultists and followers, too.

Let me make a parenthesis, here:

I feel some minds are upset by the fact I impregnated this girl.
Am I not supposed to be a female beeing ? Mother of Thousands Young ?

Ah! The narrowness of mortal spirit!

Think of isolated forms of life. What do they do to multiply ?
The become hermaphrodite, DNA reproducing with itself...

How do you think such peculiar forms of life as Us, Ye Old Ones, so unique,
so powerful you dub Us Gods or Goddesses,
but so isolated, and subjects to aeons of sleep, and wars among Us...
How do you think we survived all this times and dimensions ?

Sexes and genders are only a mortal notion.

Even if I'm used to appear as a female entity, I can, and I have been both along time...

Moreover, I'm able to keep the semen of my male or the eggs of my female partners, combining and reusing them as necessary...

This girl I impregnated with my DNA and Nyarlathotep's...
A good combination which has proven its efficiency more than one time!

I kept some DNA of the guy and the girl, too... Need to check some things about it.
More on this next time...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Strange world...

What a strange world...

I got to the frontier of the forest and found a wirefence.
There was a road, and fields... I feeled human spirits in the distance.
Many of them. And their technology. I saw their cars on the road, their machines in their towns.

Who would have foreseen these feeble humans would master this world, aeons ago ?
And what is best, in spite of their power and technology and all, they are still as fearful as they were when we, Ye Old Ones, created them !

They're afraid of the future, of illness, of climate, and more than all, of their own race!

But they don't remember Us.

For them, Cthulhu, Ye Old Ones, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth and myself are only funny monsters in comics books and video games!

They even make fun of Us like this site: http://www.macguff.fr/goomi/unspeakable/vault00-cast.html

I'll get this goomi and make him respect Our Greatness!
Al Azred will look lucky compared to him!

Well... For now I really need human meat, now. Not much big animals in this forest. Guess these humans made them dwindle.

Back soon...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to wake up this blog...

Not much to tell you for now... Feel a bit drowsy after these aeons sleeping...
Seems some of my followers didn't sleep: http://shub-niggurath.com

Must eat some animal meat before looking for human's... Back soon...