Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bashar is Still in Charge

The Arab Spring quickly rampaged some dictatorships. But the Butcher of Damascus still stands firm. Massacring and torturing at will. Some bad guys had their asses kicked by the UN for far less than that.
Syria has no petroleum, no gas, no uranium, no pipelines. Only geopolitical reasons could explain this. Or not.

Mainstream and conspirationist explanations are manyfold:

- Syria is an ally of Russia, and China. These countries are blocking UN actions against it.
- Syria is a secret ally of the West and Israel, to fight Iran.
- The West and Israel are objective allies of Arab (and other) dictatorships. Prefering stability and keeping the extremists at bay.
- The great powers love wars, to sell weapons and justify defense expenses.
- Al Assad is a reptilian king, as all the world leaders, dictators or not (I love this one!).

All this is bullshit.

WE, The Great Ol'Ones are supporting this butcher and puppeting the so called great powers to foster his regime.

Don't you see the pattern, here ?

- Mad Arabs, once more. It seems my Dear Nyarly is still fond of them.
- AL Hazred's Legacy. More to come on this, one of these Aeons.
- Fear, utter sufferance of the victims. Frightened and maddened souls are so tasty for Us.
- Oh yes, We have some secrets burried under the City of Jasmine We don't want you, feeble humans to find. At least not as long as the Stars are still not Right. Be patient, for once.

Feeble humans, you begun to play Chess for so short a time. You cannot even suspect the moves you are embroiled in.

Now for the Next Move...

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