Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some More Aeons... And now is Mother's Day!

Is it Me, or Time is running quicker and quicker on this world ?
I just took a plunge into the Internet underground, no more than the time to get some skills and wreak some havoc. And a whole season seems to have passed.
Some of you may have felt My Scent on your systems...

The funny thing is, for once, I don't even have to lure feeble humans into doing My desires, they do it well alone!
This not so virtual world will crumble and break your real one, soon. Well before the Stars are really Right. Without any involvement from Us, not even Nyarlathotep!

I won't be sorry for you, feeble humans. you entirely deserved your fate.

You may think I'm bitter, you silly. Remember which day we are. Today is Mother's Day.
Don't you think having to receive, thank for, and find a place to store thousands of presents in a day is a simple task ?
I cannot even remember the firstnames of half of My Young!

If I could take a hold on the Essential Salts of the feeble human who invented this hellish feast, even the other Great Ol'Ones would pity his fate!

In related news, the storage space renting market is booming, near My Woods. One more financial bubble in the making for your doom, scummy feeble humans!

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